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My other home is in 荒川区.

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Starla  /  絵芽理・梨賦
3 September 1982
This journal is just for lame personal stuff that I don't want on pennyhero.net so, only friend me if you like that sort of thing. Otherwise, go check out pennyhero.net. :)

I analyze myself because no one else ever will, and doing so lets me construct a kind of wholeness of being. It inserts a type of joy that I've found is as essential to my life as breathing.

I was born in northwest Oregon in 1982, and moved to Hilo, Hawaii in the summer of 1995(?). I graduated from Waiakea High in 2001, and started attending Oregon State University in Corvallis in the winter of 2002.

I might graduate from OSU in 2006, and I'm thinking about graduate school (because I don't like the idea of life outside of academia).

I work at a writing center at OSU (since fall of 2003), which might be the best job I have ever had in my entire life. (I want to be just like my boss when I grow up.)

My second language is Japanese. I've been studying for about 8 years, but I'm by no means fluent yet. I interned at the Arakawa city office (north-west Tokyo) for five weeks in the summer of 2004, (荒川区役所、文化青少年課)where I gained a second family, and a second hometown in Arakawa-city. (荒川区)

I'm interested in critical and cultural theory, writing and literacies, as well as language aquisition and learning. I'm also into gaming, reading and writing, and I develop small and hot infatuations with various computer related things but hardly ever stick with anything long enough to make it useful (ex. programming in c++, php, html, css, hardware, networking, etc etc yadda yadda, ad nauseum). update: Except for Linux! I stuck with Linux! Yay Ubuntu!.

I'm devoted to complexity, and have a strong resistance to seeing things in "black and white". A lot of my thinking has been strongly influenced by Derrida, Focault, and Zizek, although I don't claim to have a lot of experience reading their works. House of Leaves is another influencial "book". My favorite junk-reading author is Orson Scott Card (short fiction + Ender's Game mostly), and my favorite music is usually unconventional, slightly ambient, and mixes genres. (current favorite band is Sparklehorse)

I was an obsessed Smashing Pumpkins fan in high school.

Can't think of anything else to write here. Stay tuned for revisions.

Marriage is love.

I maintain:
earthgame (awaiting members)
jpop (founded by nutari)
oregonstate (founded by fidget42681)
writing_centers (awaiting members)New!
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