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word-processor hate.

someone explain to me why there isn't a decent FREE wordprocessor for OS-X? Note: Neo-office and OpenOffice (with x11) don't count. Edit: web-based stuff like writely and thinkfree also don't count. Edit again: I forgot Abiword. It behaves similarly to neo-office only worse. so it also doesn't count.

It seems that there is enough demand that someone would have developed something natively by now.


I need to write my paper and I'm sick of waiting HALF AN HOUR for my mouse-clicks to register in NeoOffice.

Edit for the third time: Let me rephrase my question... I'm not really looking for suggestions on what to use instead of these ones. I'd really like to know why there isn't a good opensource free alternative for mac like there is with windows and linux. Is it because they have to use java? Is it because mac is hard to program for? are there licensing hurdles that make it hard to write stuff for mac?

I've learned the hard way that there are no (legal) alternatives to the problematic options I mentioned above. I'd really like someone smarter than I am to help me understand why.
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