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dreamlog - kitties and movie auditions

I had dreams about being asked to audition for an amateur movie being filmed in albany. (albany? all the way in fucking albany?) A group of four or five of us (all girls) went to the neighbor's for the audition in the middle of the night. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't be able to go even if I got the lead part. One of the girls and I were wearing the same dress because she was (borrowing my sister's dress)... or something that explained it in a funny accidental sorta-girly-drama-way. At the audition, the directors and staff really liked me. I have visual images of the text on the script, with some of the lines bolded and italicized indicating how I delivered them. In the dream, I "printed out" the script in my head like that as I delivered my lines. I don't remember what the movie was about, but I was perfect for the part, and I was confident and charismatic and I made all the other girls angry with me. But all along I knew that I couldn't take the part because it cost $250 to be in the movie, and I didn't have time because I needed to graduate.

I came home alone after my audition, and for some reason I'd forgotten that it was my mom's and my birthday at the same time. It was belated, and I gave her a gift in my room. then she told me that my presents. (in this dream, plural nouns mean exactly two.) I opened one, and it was something lame. the second box was FULL OF KITTENS. They were orange an soft. There were around 8 of them.

For some reason, I felt like I should have expected this, and that it was sort of an inside-joke between me and my mom. Sort of like if your parents take away one of the toys in your room and wrap it up as a new gift in order to hide the fact that there is a hundred dollar bill at the bottom of the box. I started taking care of the kittens and I tried to name one but couldn't decide.

At one point I was in the living room with the kittens (they had escaped their box and I had to catch them all) and they were playing games with me. They were walking in front of the projector and playing what looked like patty-cake with each other.

At another point, I had locked myself in the bathroom with some of the kittens for some reason. it felt like I was hiding them from "my stepdad" or something.
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