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Pennyhero (dot) net

starladear6 is officially my private personal journal and I'll only be using it to comment on other journals, or write cryptic personal venty whiny posts. :) Everyone needs a little room for potential angst right?

Feel free to keep watching here, but I'd LOVE it if you'd add the feed for my new site to your friends list and visit me there too. Over there is where I'll write anything with some semblance of substance... heh.

My new website is located at and I just created a livejournal syndication account for it (ooh! my paid account expires in only a few days! so close!) btw, thanks cepcion for the reminder.

Btw, you'll notice a lot of the stuff there is sorta familiar... that's because wordpress makes it so easy to transfer your posts from one blog to another... woo hoo. That and... I needed content.

Anyway, click here to add pennyherodotnet to your friends list and keep up with my journal.

See yah in the world.
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