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a friend's research survey

Dear everyone on my friend's list.

My friend is conducting research for his Master's degree on the use and understanding of wi-fi and wants people to take his survey. Don't ask me about this method of "spread the word" survey distribution. I'm sure that will come up in the analysis of his data.

It's about 3 pages long (just a few screens of questions).

Whether you're interested in wi-fi or not, this is an official call for participants:

Click here.

And, spread the word if you'd like to help him get a larger number of respondents. His research is very worth supporting, in my opinion. He's interested in making information about public and private wireless networks more easily obtainable. in other words, identifying what information about accessibility and laws is not easily available to users and maybe even coming up with ways of making that available.

Before I met him in the writing center, I had no idea about this kind of problem but now I'm really really interested.
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