Starla  /  絵芽理・梨賦 (starladear6) wrote,
Starla  /  絵芽理・梨賦

Season finale

Someone explain to me why the FRACK it took the cylons a whole year to travel one light-year when they've always had better FTL capabilities than the fleet?

Seems like a plot/script/whatever error.

It would have been funny if they didn't have FTL capabilities. BUT THEY DO. SO IT WASN'T. It was just STOOPID.

Edit: DUH. Buddha-X (in the comments) reminded me... DUH. It's going to take exactly a year for the light from the bomb's explosion to travel a light-year. (the bomb being the thing that alerted the cylon's to their location.)
Tags: bsg
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